When an application is denied, the Community Architectural Committee (CAC) and theProject Architectural Committees (PAC) try and be as clear as possible as to the reason.  The reason for denial is usually because the proposed project (or a part of the project) does not meet current, established rules and standards for your Project Association.  Favoritism is never involved. Homeowners do have the option of appealing the decision.  Especially in cases where a project features a new product or technology that was not available when the Architectural Rules and Standards were first created, it allows the Board to change or add a rule that now allows for it.  The volunteer board members are human, however, and they may not always have the same opinion as the homeowner.

Situations also occur where a homeowner will disregard the Architectural Review Process.  If a homeowner does their project without an application, or changes the plan they were approved for, they assume the risk that the project may be denied by the CAC.  When this happens, the homeowner may have to redo the work, repaint, or remove an installed product (or whatever else needs to be done) to bring their house into compliance with the approved rules and standards.  It can be very expensive and time consuming.  It is important to remember the purpose of having a pro-active Architectural Process is to assure a consistency in our homes and neighborhoods, and to keep home values at their highest in the Community of Harbor Bay Isle.