Email Consent Form

CHBIOA started our “Going Green” program in 2009.  The program gives homeowners the option of receiving their Annual Disclosure Documents via email, saving the Community and you thousands of dollars a year in postage, paper and trees.  Also, those homeowners who register are automatically included on the Community’s Emergency Email Notification list.  Emergency Email Notifications have been sent out during natural gas leaks, shelter in place warnings, and security alerts.
The only way to be included on the Emergency Email Notification list is to register to receive your Annual Disclosure Documents by email is to sign up below.
This is permitted under the Davis-Stirling and Civ. Code §4040(a)(2).

By the submission of this form you agree to the following:

  • To receive notices, disclosures and/or documents from CHBIOA and your Project Association electronically which includes email, fax, electronic message board or network which the association has designated for those communication, together with a separate notice to you of the posting.
  • The delivery by electronic means is complete at the time of transmission.
  • To discontinue receipt of information via electronic means, written notification sent to CHBIOA is required.