Community of Harbor Bay Isle Cooking Committee

The CHBI Cooking Committee is open to residents of Harbor Bay Isle and, space permitting, candidates sponsored by current members in good standing. It is a social group for those who are interested in food, cooking, and dining. The culinary year is from September through May and features approximately one event per month.


Members are assigned to groups of approximately eight people. Members are encouraged to attend three cook-at-home meals with their assigned group. One person in each group is designated as the Keeper of the Pot, who coordinates all events with their group. Every couple of years, a cookbook is chosen for purchase by members. Recipes and menus are chosen from this book by the Menu Coordinators and distributed to all Members. The Keeper coordinates the date, the hostess home and time for each cook-at-home meal. Together each group prepares the recipes from the menus provided (Fall, Winter, and Spring) and shares in the cost of the food, excluding beverages, table decorations, etc.


The Cooking Committee provides members with two professionally taught cooking classes to be held at the Community of Harbor Bay Isle Community Center. The fee for both classes is included in the annual dues.

Members are offered two or more optional food-related field trips in the Bay Area, which everyone is encouraged to attend. These fun excursions are not included in the dues.

Additionally, the entire membership comes together at a Kick-Off Party in September, a holiday party, and a Cook-Together Theme Party at the end of the year.


All food lovers are welcome. Join us for a fun time learning, eating, visiting, and experiencing all things culinary.

Please submit a completed New Member Application and mail, along with a check in the amount of $70.00 (per person) made payable to CHBI Cooking Committee, to Ms. Cathy Sherrer, Membership Coordinator, 391 Channing Way, Alameda, CA 94502.