The Community of Harbor Bay Isle Owners Association (CHBIOA) provides maintenance, security and general administration. These services augment those supplied by the City of Alameda and satisfy the special needs of the Community.

The Administration Department coordinates all departments within the Community of Harbor Bay Isle, including Accounting, Architectural, Maintenance, Management Services, and Security. The Administration Department also coordinates the Community’s Master Board, and works with all of the Community’s Project Association Boards.
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The Architectural Services Department assists homeowners with issues or concerns related to the Community’s Architectural Review Process. The goal of this process is to promote a consistent appearance standard within each Project Association and throughout the Community at large, to protect property values.
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The Maintenance Department nurtures and preserves the Community’s physical amenities – common area landscaping, bike paths and walkways, and the lagoons.
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The Management Services Department works with Neighborhood Project Associations of Harbor Bay Isle to handle daily operations and administrative details.
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The Security Department is a team of professionally trained officers who support the Alameda Police Department and assist homeowners. Uniformed officers deter crime through regular patrol of the Community in marked, radio-dispatched vehicles.
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