Architectural Review Process

Upon purchase of a home in the Community of Harbor Bay Isle, new owners receive a set of documents pertaining to the guidelines and regulations that accompany living in this Home Owner’s Association.
  1. Homeowners must submit a completed Architectural Application Online Form for any work they are planning to do to the exterior house or property, this includes any “like for like” replacements, such as fences, roofs, sod, etc.  Homeowners may not begin any work until they have received approval.
  2. Applications are submitted during a 2-week acceptance period, and are assigned to a specific Community Architectural Committee (CAC) Meeting/Review.  Approval can take 2 to 4 weeks, depending on submission date.
  3. Architectural Applications must be accompanied by all necessary supporting documentation, such as product brochure/cut-sheets, property diagrams, plant lists, specific colors and brands, etc.
  4. Once the Architectural Application is complete, it is sent to the Project Architectural Committee (PAC) for their recommendation, which is based on the Project Association’s Architectural Rules and Standards.  The PAC members are volunteers that live in the Community.
  5. Neighboring properties are notified about the proposed project; they may come in to the Community Offices and review the plan, or attend the CAC Meeting.
  6. The PAC turns in their recommendations to the office, where it is forwarded to the CAC Inspector assigned to your Architectural Application.  The CAC Inspector will review the Architectural Application and make a site visit if needed.  The CAC members are also volunteers, and represent all 20 Project Associations.
  7. The CAC Inspector will share their findings with the entire Committee, who meet twice a month.  Based on the information provided, the recommendation of the PAC, neighbor input, and the CAC site inspection and review, a ruling is made to approve or deny the application.
  8. If approved, the owner has one year to complete the project.
  9. Upon completion, the owner must call for a Final Inspection, to make sure the plan has been completed “substantially according to plan”.
  10. A member of the PAC conducts the Final Inspection.  Upon approval, a letter is sent to the homeowner and the file is closed.