Harbor Pointe

Harbor Pointe is a townhouse association comprised of 47 wood shingle homes situated to provide Bay views for many of the homeowners. There is a cozy, rustic feel to the association created by the architectural style of the buildings and the landscape. The roads and parking areas within the association boundaries are privately owned and maintained by the Association.

Your Association Manager

For the use and benefit of all owners and residents in Harbor Pointe your Association Manager can be reached at HRP@harborbay.org or 510-865-3363, ext. 358.

Maintenance Work Order Request

Click below to submit a maintenance work order request for items in the common area.

Private Sewer Lateral (PSL) Information

Water Works Engineers and Express Sewer will begin work in late 2023 on the HOA’s sewer system in accordance with the East Bay Municipal Utility District’s Private Sewer Lateral Program. Please refer to https://www.eastbaypsl.com/ for more information.

To view the schedule, construction status, and work to be done for each address please click below for more information:

The work will consist of repair, rehabilitation, and/or replacement of sewer system infrastructure within the HOA including gravity sewer mains and manholes located in the streets as well as connecting laterals and cleanouts for each address which are generally located in driveways and landscaping.

Residents can expect various temporary construction impacts including:

  • Limited access
  • Water service interruptions
  • Periodic traffic closures and detours
  • Noise, odors, and vibrations for short durations

In order to minimize impact to residents, the work has been subdivided into zones. Each zone will be notified in advance of anticipated scheduling. Residents will be asked the day of work at their address to reduce water use. Notification will consist of:

  • 3 and 1 week notices
  • Day before and day of door knocks

Please continue normal garbage schedule, the project team will ensure continued collection despite impacts. Residents will be asked to relocate any personal property located in the vicinity of the sewer lateral and cleanout if needed to complete the work in subsequent zone notices.

Standing Committees

  • Landscape
  • Maintenance and Architecture
  • Communications

Board Meeting Schedule

The Board meets the first Thursday evening of the month at 6:30 pm. on a monthly basis.

All residents of Harbor Pointe and encouraged to attend our meetings.  There is an open forum for any comments by homeowners at the beginning of each meeting.  Homeowners are welcome to use this time to speak to the board about any items they would like.  You can stay for the remainder of the meeting but are not required to.

Your Dedicated Board Members

Position Member Term
President Lesa Ross 03/2024
Vice President Lucille Ackhart 03/2024
Secretary James Betts 03/2024
Treasurer John Wells 03/2025

Board Member History

1990PresidentBill King
1st Vice PresidentMark Schroeder
2nd Vice President Mel Harvey
SecretaryLuci Ackhart
Treasurer Roger McClure
1989PresidentBill King
1st Vice PresidentGlen Fuginaka
2nd Vice President Jim Freel
SecretaryLuci Ackhart
Treasurer Roger McClure
1988PresidentBill King
1st Vice PresidentGlen Fuginaka
2nd Vice President Jim Freel
SecretaryLuci Ackhart
Treasurer Fred Ochs
1987PresidentBill King
1st Vice PresidentBobbie McChristy
2nd Vice President Donna Herdman
SecretaryRichard Smith
Treasurer Fred Ochs
1986PresidentRoger McClure
1st Vice PresidentWalt Anderson
2nd Vice President Bill King
SecretaryBobbie McChristy
Treasurer Jack Harrington
1985PresidentRoger McClure
1st Vice PresidentWalt Anderson
2nd Vice President Jack Harrington
SecretaryBobbie McChristy
Treasurer David Herdman
1984PresidentJanice Lee
Vice PresidentDavid Herdman
SecretaryBobbie McChristy
Treasurer Roger McClure
Member-at-LargeWalt Anderson
1983PresidentDennis Pagones
Vice PresidentRobert Lueck
SecretaryRoger McClure
Treasurer Kent Hockabout
Director-at-LargeLisa Rasmussen
1982PresidentDennis Pagones
Vice PresidentRobert Lueck
SecretaryLynn Tinder
Treasurer Kent Hockabout
Director-at-LargeLisa Rasmussen
1981PresidentOscar Barry
1st Vice PresidentKent Hockabout
SecretaryDennis Pagones