Citizens’ League for Airport Safety & Serenity (CLASS)

To protect the safety, health and welfare of people living in communities near the Oakland Airport.

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What is CLASS?

Established in 1989, CLASS was formed by Bay Farm Island residents to closely monitor the activities of the Oakland Airport and assess its impact on the local community. Ultimately, this monitoring led to the filing of a lawsuit against the Port of Oakland resulting in a Settlement Agreement which gives CLASS and the City of Alameda direct input on airport planning and more open communication on issues which could affect the airport’s neighbors.

What Has CLASS Accomplished?

The question has been asked “What has CLASS accomplished”?

The answers can best be found by pointing out things that have NOT happened as well those that have. The noise we all experienced between September 11th and 25th during the runway 30 overlay project is a great example. Without the restriction on jet departures from the north field that CLASS and the city of Alameda negotiated in 2002, this level of aircraft noise would be more common for Bay Farm Island and Alameda residents. Thankfully, it is not the norm.

In the late 1990’s the airport was considering plans to lengthen the north field runways to allow commercial air carrier operations which would have had a devastating impact on the quality of life in Bay Farm and Alameda. CLASS opposed the north field runway expansion and it did not happen. The airport had plans to extend Runway 30 by 2,500 feet to allow even larger, fully loaded aircraft to operate from the Oakland airport. CLASS opposed the Runway 30 expansion and it did not happen. The airport had plans for a massive cargo facility expansion. CLASS opposed this expansion and this too did not happen.

So what has CLASS done lately? We got the night time quiet hour period extended an additional hour from 7:00 am to 8:00 am. We have provided data to the Port that indicates the compliance rate with our agreement is not what it should be and we are taking steps to encourage the Port to reverse that trend. We are active participants in a group that has submitted detailed proposals for changes to Air Traffic Control procedures in the Bay Area that will reduce noise for Bay Farm and Alameda residents. The FAA has already implemented one of those proposals that reduced early turns of aircraft over western Alameda and Oakland.

Prior to the settlement agreement that CLASS and the City negotiated with the Port of Oakland, the citizens of Alameda had virtually no say in the impact the Oakland Airport has on our community. Now, through their CLASS and City representatives, Alameda residents have a seat at the table through knowledgeable, dedicated, volunteers who stay informed on technical issues, consistently attend meetings, and speak on behalf of the community.

CLASS thanks you for your support.

CLASS Executive Committee Members

Position Member Residence
President Matt Pourfarzaneh Headlands
Vice President Brian Schumacher Fernside
Secretary Barbara Tuleja Brittany Landing Harbor
Treasurer Carrolyn Kubota Ballena Bay
Member Diane Pardi Centre Court
Member Barbara Nemer Ravenscove
Member Carolyne Creer Centre Court
 Executive Director  Carmen Borg

Volunteer Opportunities

CLASS is recruiting new volunteers to assist with ongoing work monitoring Oakland Airport activities. Volunteer opportunities vary so that the level of participation is up to the you.
Below is a summary of volunteer opportunities and regularly scheduled meetings that CLASS members attend.

Executive Committee. A small group of volunteers serves on the Executive Committee. These members meet regularly (approximately every other month) to discuss issues that arise at Oakland Airport and Port of Oakland meetings and strategize about our dealings with the Port. We are in need of 3-5 new members from Harbor Bay Isle. Members of the Executive Committee can expect to make a commitment of approximately 6 hours a month.

At-large Volunteers. Other CLASS volunteers assist with a variety of tasks including reviewing airport project documents as needed, monitoring compliance with noise abatement procedures, and attending regularly scheduled quarterly meetings. CLASS members who volunteer to attend meetings and monitor airport activities can expect to make a commitment of approximately 3-4 hours a month.

If you are interested in volunteering with CLASS, please contact Carmen Borg at 415-552-7272. The Committee will discuss your interests to determine the best way to use your talents.