Welcome to Costa Brava Homeowners Association

Costa Brava is a Planned Development containing 201 single-family homes.  The houses are built on 12 bays which branch off from a main street, Baywalk Road, which winds throughout the Association. The homes have a Mediterranean motif with stucco sides and tile roofs. Amenities include a swimming pool, spa and tot lot. Many of the homes are situated along the lagoon path with views of the lagoon and surrounding neighborhoods. The streets, sidewalks, bays and parking areas are private and maintained by the Association.

Your Association Manager

For the use and benefit of all owners and residents in Costa Brava your Interim Association Manager can be reached at CBR@harborbay.org or 510-865-3363, ext. 355.

Maintenance Work Order Request

Click below to submit a maintenance work order request for items in the common area.

Private Sewer Lateral (PSL) Information

Water Works Engineers and Express Sewer will begin work in late 2023 on the HOA’s sewer system in accordance with the East Bay Municipal Utility District’s Private Sewer Lateral Program. Please refer to https://www.eastbaypsl.com/ for more information.

To view the schedule, construction status, and work to be done for each address please click below for more information:

The work will consist of repair, rehabilitation, and/or replacement of sewer system infrastructure within the HOA including gravity sewer mains and manholes located in the streets as well as connecting laterals and cleanouts for each address which are generally located in driveways and landscaping.

Residents can expect various temporary construction impacts including:

  • Limited access
  • Water service interruptions
  • Periodic traffic closures and detours
  • Noise, odors, and vibrations for short durations

In order to minimize impact to residents, the work has been subdivided into zones. Each zone will be notified in advance of anticipated scheduling. Residents will be asked the day of work at their address to reduce water use. Notification will consist of:

  • 3 and 1 week notices
  • Day before and day of door knocks

Please continue normal garbage schedule, the project team will ensure continued collection despite impacts. Residents will be asked to relocate any personal property located in the vicinity of the sewer lateral and cleanout if needed to complete the work in subsequent zone notices.

Association Maintenance Responsibility

The Association owns responsibility for the common area (by grant deed). Each homeowner in a planned community has a responsibility to maintain his own yard, including the front court yard in accordance with the governing documents, which specify that the Owner maintain his lot in good condition and repair commensurate with the high standards of quality established for the community. Consult the Costa Brava Architectural Guidelines and related documents below for more details. The Association also is responsible for the maintenance of the common areas (pool, parks and playground equipment, etc.) within the community. Members are assessed by the Association to fund insurance, maintenance, operations and reserves.

Standing Committees

• Architectural & Landscaping
• Gull’s Call

Board Meeting Schedule

The Board meets on the 4th Monday of each at 6:30 PM. If you wish to attend, please call the Community Offices at 865-3363 for details. The Annual Membership Meeting is held in June.


Residents may obtain temporary parking permission for overnight guests by submitting an online form or calling (510) 287-9200.


Amenities include a swimming pool and spa. Replacement pool keys are available, for a fee, at the Community Offices. Please refer to the Costa Brava Swimming Pool Rules for detailed information.

Your Dedicated Board Members

Position Member Term
President Michael Robles-Wong 06/2024
1st Vice President Helen Liu 06/2025
2nd Vice President Donna Marie Ferro 06/2025
Treasurer Alfredo Terrazas 06/2024
Secretary Rebecca Cusack 06/2024

Board Member History

1999PresidentRichard Mosher
1st Vice PresidentJoseph Dworkin
2nd Vice President Larry Wolf
SecretaryYosh Takakuwa
Treasurer Gary Hoffer
1998PresidentRick Mosher
1st Vice PresidentJoe Dworkin
2nd Vice President Larry Wolf
SecretaryYosh Takakuwa
Treasurer Gary Hoffer
1997PresidentRick Mosher
1st Vice PresidentJoe Dworkin
2nd Vice President Larry Wolf
SecretaryYosh Takakuwa
Treasurer Gary Hoffer
1996PresidentRichard Mosher
1st Vice PresidentJesse Garcia
2nd Vice President Joseph Dworkin
SecretaryYosh Takakuwa
Treasurer Gary Hoffer
1995PresidentSam Frank
1st Vice PresidentRichard Mosher
2nd Vice President Jesse Garcia
SecretaryGary Hoffer
Treasurer Alan Levine
1994PresidentJoseph Dworkin
1st Vice PresidentAlan Levine
2nd Vice President Richard Mosher
SecretaryGary Hoffer
Treasurer Sam Frank
1993PresidentAlan Levine
1st Vice PresidentVirginia Hayes
2nd Vice President Taeko Salentine
SecretaryGary Hoffer
Treasurer Joseph Dworkin
1992PresidentAlan Levine
1st Vice PresidentGene Sandifer
2nd Vice President Darla Hargraves
SecretaryNancy Laguillo
Treasurer Virginia Hayes
1991PresidentGene Sandifer
1st Vice PresidentDarla Hargraves
2nd Vice President Eric Liang
SecretaryNancy Laguillo
Treasurer Alan Levine
1990PresidentRobert Johnson
1st Vice PresidentDarla Hargraves
2nd Vice President Gene Sandifer
SecretaryMatthew Murphy
Treasurer Alan Levine
1989PresidentSteve Holmes
Vice PresidentRobert Johnson
SecretaryMatthew Murphy
Treasurer Linda Vajretti
Member-at-LargeLinda Hale