When the Community of Harbor Bay Isle was developed as a planned community, it was dedicated as an Urban Forest.  This means the Community must meet a specific standard regarding the number of trees in Harbor Bay Isle, and that it is committed to the welfare and proliferation of our trees.  Trees not only add to the overall beauty of our neighborhoods, they add privacy, they filter air, water and sunlight, they create recreational areas for people, they can muffle neighborhood noises, and they can raise the property values of the entire neighborhood.  They are an integral part of Harbor Bay Isle (see Our Urban Forest).

It is understood that trees can cause damage to sidewalks, fences, and foundations, and when this happens they often need to be removed.  This is especially common as a tree matures and outgrows its present location.  If a tree is removed, the Community may require a more appropriate tree replace it.  Often, a more suitable tree can be planted – one with a less evasive root system or that will not grow as large.  As the question above indicates, there are some superficial reasons that make trees bothersome, but the Community’s commitment to trees and their benefits far outweigh the negatives.