August 10, 2020

When in doubt, call Security (510) 865-0417

As talks continue nationwide about defunding various police departments, crime rises in its place.  In the Community of Harbor Bay Isle Owners’ Association, this last weekend was no exception.  That said, if you think you hear something (voices that are out of place, buzzing, anything) call Security.  It is the mission of CHBIOA Security to provide safer neighborhoods and prevent crime.  Security is not the police, so if you see a crime in progress, call Alameda PD (911), however if you just imagine something doesn’t sound or feel right, call us at (510) 865-0417.

Make sure you are locking your car doors, many crimes are crimes of opportunity.  Beyond that, we are encouraging people to bring their car registrations into their homes when they park at night. When possible park in your garage.  There have been a rash of burglaries, where a suspect has broken into a locked car, stolen the registration and personal items. In other instances, they have used a saw and removed the catalytic converter, and in other cases they have punched out the lock, popped the casing of the steering wheel and attempted to hotwire the vehicle and take the whole thing.

Be aware, make the call, your diligence and observations are important in deterring crime in Harbor Bay Isle.