August 21, 2020


2020 Pavement Management Program – Street Repairs and Resurfacing
(Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays and Base Repairs)

The first phase of the City’s annual street repair and resurfacing project will begin soon in
your neighborhood. The repair will take place in several phases, and not all on the same
day. Construction will take place in the following order:

  1. Areas of poor pavement will be patched,
  2. Edges of the street will be ground down,
  3. Street will be paved, and
  4. Traffic markings will be installed/replaced.

Bus stop access (if applicable) and access to individual driveways will be maintained
throughout the project duration. There may be temporary loss of on-street parking during
construction. Please watch for the “No Parking” signs that will be posted 72 hours
before the actual date of work.

The streets in your neighborhood affected by this project are:

  • Channing Way (from Robert Davey Jr. to the West End)

Construction is scheduled to begin August 28, 2020 and be completed August 31, 2020.
Construction work hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. During
construction, motorists may experience minor disruptions in traffic, temporary loss of
parking spaces, and temporary restricted street access, as well as minor increases in
noise levels and dust.

The City appreciates your cooperation and patience during the construction of this project.
Questions regarding this project, including construction concerns, should be directed to
Trung Nguyen, at (510) 747-7900.