July 8, 2020

Sarah Henry, Public Information Officer

Segment of Park Street being reduced from 4-lanes to 2-lanes to increase space for physical distancing and outdoor dining and retail

COVID-19 is changing most aspects of our lives. The City has been working throughout the pandemic to help keep our community safe and enhance the wellbeing of our island. Last month, the City Council approved the launch of the Commercial Streets program to create more space in our business districts for people to shop and dine.

This Thursday July 9 and Friday July 10, the City will restripe Park Street (from Tilden Way to Encinal Avenue) from 4-lanes to 2-lanes, with left turn pockets at each intersection. During the restriping, at least one lane will remain open at all times, and signage will be in place alerting people to the change.

The existing parking lane will become space for outdoor dining, retail, and for customers to line up. The current outer traffic lanes will become pick-up and drop-off parking only, leaving the two inside lanes for vehicles and bicycles to travel. This conceptual diagram shows how the reconfiguration will look once complete:

Planned restriping on Park Street: Alameda Avenue to Central Avenue

Similar work will be done later this month on Webster Street (from Taylor Avenue to Lincoln Avenue).

Right away, you can expect to see the space being used to allow for more physical distancing while waiting in line and dining. Over time, you will see additional outdoor dining space and retail in “parklets” (using parking spaces). Additional bicycle parking will also be installed in select former parking spaces. All bus stops will remain in place. The City will monitor, evaluate, and modify this new reconfiguration as needed.

Existing parking spaces will become accessible retail and dining areas, existing outside travel lane will become a new short-term only parking lane

Many thanks to the Downtown Area Business Association (DABA) and the West Alameda Business Association (WABA) for their assistance in developing this new program, which will support the health of our businesses and the entire community.

Read more about the Commercial Streets program, with a survey being posted when the restriping is complete.