New Parking Restrictions around the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal
Starting Tuesday, August 1

For residents adjacent to the Harbor Bay ferry terminal, the City will be addressing spillover parking in their neighborhoods starting Tuesday, August 1, 2017 when new parking restrictions take effect (Figure 1).  For Harbor Bay ferry riders, parking in the adjacent residential neighborhoods will no longer be an option as those streets will be limited to four-hour parking without a permit.  The attached brochure highlights Four Fast Ways to the Ferry making sure everyone knows that you can take a free bus – AC Transit Line 21 – to the ferry or you can bike, walk or share a ride using one of the private carpooling services.

The City Council and the homeowner associations in the area – Headlands, Columbia and Harbor Bay Isle – approved a residential permit parking program for the Headlands and Columbia areas allowing only four-hour parking unless the vehicle has a valid permit.  This new parking restriction will begin on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.  Furthermore, the enforcement of the two-hour parking along Adelphian Way also will begin on Tuesday, August 1.  Parking tickets will be issued by the Alameda Police Department to motorists who do not obey these parking restrictions.  Parking for ferry riders is allowed at the ferry terminal, which also has bicycle parking available.  These new parking restrictions will help minimize disruption to adjacent residential neighborhoods, will reduce solo driving trips to the ferry and will encourage people to bicycle, walk, take transit or carpool to the ferry.

Figure 1: New Parking Restrictions around Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal

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