The Community is pleased to offer Free Drought Tolerant Landscape Plans & Lawn Conversion Guidelines:

CHBI Drought Tolerant Landscape Plans & Lawn Conversion Guidelines

CHBI Master Plant List (From CHBI’s Drought Tolerant Landscape Plans)

In addition to the five Front Yard Garden Plans and their plant lists, the guide also contains photo renderings of the gardens, and information on How to Use the Plans, Sheet Mulching, Drip Irrigation, Rebates, Submission Information for Expedited Processing, and more. Please review all information prior to submitting your Architectural Application.

Please Note:  The Master Plant List of all the plants used in the five front yard gardens and the demonstration garden is being formatted as a separate document, due to size constraints.

To view the all five plans and renderings click here, or click below for individual plans.

If you have questions, please contact the Community Offices.