April 8, 2020

Sarah Henry, Public Information Officer

Alameda County releases dashboard with detailed information on COVID-19 cases,
shows 18 cases in the City of Alameda

The Alameda County Public Health Department has published an online dashboard of COVID-19 cases displayed by city. The County (excluding Berkeley) shows 631 positive cases and 13 deaths. In the City of Alameda, the dashboard identifies 18 cases. This dashboard published today is a first iteration, and as more data becomes available, it will be updated. The City of Alameda will continue to update our COVID-19 page every day with new information at www.alamedaca.gov/alerts, or you can view the data on the County’s website at www.acphd.org/2019-ncov.aspx (click on the link to the dashboard).

Mobility studies suggest that Alameda County has reduced physical movement by between 40 and 50 percent, which has been critical to our ability to flatten the curve. But we must stay the course. Modeling shows if we were to increase our mobility it would dramatically increase the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19. We all must stay home and save lives.

When we leave for essentials, the County’s public health officer recommends everyone wear a face cover. New N95 masks should be reserved for first responders and health care workers, but wearing old masks, bandanas, cloth masks, and DIY masks will help protect our community.

However, the most important thing we can do to flatten the curve is maintain physical distancing. Be sure that you are at least six feet away from other people whenever possible. With widespread community transmission of the disease, we must do everything we can to slow the spread. Thank you for your continued cooperation. ​