New 2019 Laws for HOAs

February 21, 2019

The following California Legislature bills affecting HOAs were signed into law for 2019. If your association has not already made arrangements for necessary changes associated with the above laws, please contact your association manager.

SB-261: This bill, signed by the governor on Sept. 27, amends Civil Code 4040 to allow homeowners to use email to request the HOA send communications, also via email, to the homeowner, and amends Civil 4360 to require 28 days instead of the current 30-day notice to homeowners for proposed rule changes.

SB-1016: Signed on Sept. 13, this adds Section 4745.1 to the Civil Code, protecting the installation of “time of usage” meters for electric vehicle charging stations. HOAs may impose reasonable requirements on the requesting owner.

AB-2912Requires boards to review the HOA financials monthly instead of the current quarterly requirement. The new law, approved by the governor Sept. 14, requires all HOAs to have fidelity (dishonesty) insurance in place. It also requires documentation of board authority for expenditures over $10,000 or 5 percent of the HOA’s budget, whichever is lower.