As required by the CC & R’s, applications follow a procedure intended to ensure proper review and consideration. The Application Process typically proceeds as follows:

  • Weeks 1 and 2:
    Applications are accepted at the Community of Harbor Bay Isle Office.
  • Week 3:
    • Applications are reviewed by the Architectural Department for accuracy and completeness.
    • The applications are then entered into our database, where the proposed project is documented and an application number is assigned.
    • If incomplete, a letter is sent to the homeowner requesting the missing information.
    • If complete, a confirmation letter is sent to the homeowner, which includes a site waiver release of liability for upcoming inspection of the property.
    • A notification letter is generated and sent to all adjacent/affected neighbors.
    • Each application is assigned a Community Architectural Committee (CAC) member that will review the project.
    •  A report form with 2 sections is generated for each application – 1 section for the CAC member assigned and 1 for the specific Project Architectural Committee (PAC) Member.
  • Week 4:
    • Application report forms are sent to the appropriate PAC member.
    • The PAC member has 5 days to review the applications for their Project Association and make a recommendation to the CAC on the report form.  Recommendations include: Approval, Denial, Incomplete, or Referral to the Board of Directors.  Report forms are then returned to the Architectural Office.
    • The recommendations/reports from the PAC are given to the previously-assigned CAC member for that specific application.  The CAC member has 2 days to review the application and comments from the PAC, and to inspect the property.  If appropriate, the homeowner may be contacted.
    • The CAC member will present their findings at the CAC meeting, Monday night of Week 5.  Neighbors have the opportunity to voice any concerns, and the homeowners involved may also be present to provide clarification.
    • The CAC then votes on the application.  Outcomes are:  Approval, Denial, Incomplete, or Referral to the Board of Directors.  Letters are sent to the applicants in the days after the meeting, and if approved, work on the proposed project may commence.
    • During the 3rd and 4th week of the cycle, a new 2-week  period for accepting applications begins.