September 24, 2020

NOTICE – The City may be working on your street


As part of the City of Alameda 2020 Pavement Management Project, AMERICAN PAVEMENT SYSTEMS and its subcontractors will be placing a Cape Seal on your street and/or adjacent streets in your neighborhood. If your street is not completed on the date indicated, it will be done on the following day. Cape Seal is one of the most efficient and economical ways of resurfacing and maintaining your streets.

Cape Seal consists of an emulsion applied to the existing surface, which is then covered with aggregate rock called “chip”. The Chip Seal takes about 1 to 3 hours to cure before it can be driven or walked on.

There will be flaggers and other workers directing traffic to ensure the safe passage of all citizens and for the safety of our workers. Expect some delays, and choose alternate routes, if possible. The hours of construction will be from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Approximately 5 days later, your street will receive a second treatment called a slurry seal. You will be notified again, 72 hours prior to that treatment.

Your street may be closed to through traffic during the “chip seal” application. Streets that are to receive treatment will have “No Parking” signs placed along the street at least 72 hours prior to the work being started. These signs will have specific dates and times that all parking on the street will be restricted. ANY CARS PARKED WITHIN THE POSTED AREA ON THE DAYS OF THE CHIP SEAL PLACEMENT WILL BE TOWED. In order to sweep excess loose chips after placement, we request that you still park off the street or in some other convenient area for the two days following the placement of the chip seal.

Important Notes:

  • Do not drive on the surface treatment until streets have been reopened to traffic or directed by a flagger
  • Please maintain low speeds while traveling through the work area.
  • Garbage pickup will not be affected. Please place your trash bins on top of the curb.
  • Please do not water your lawn on the days listed on the “No Parks” or the night prior.

The oil used in the Chip Seal placement can and will stain your carpets, floors, and other related items if traveled
through before it is covered with chips or has had time to cure. If you do have oil on something, simple dish soap and water
will clean the area if caught before the oil has had time to dry. Otherwise, we recommend a citrus solvent type cleaner. If you
have any questions, there will be a representative on the job site.

American Pavement Systems
Dominic Dias

City of Alameda
Public Works Dept.

*The day following the Asphalt Rubber Chip Placement will be posted “No Parking” for post sweeping.

Please click HERE for a list of dates and streets.