January 12, 2018

Come to the Alameda City Council Meeting on January 16, 2018, at 7:00 p.m.   The City Council Agenda identifies the Transportation Choices Plan within the consent agenda.  The various homeowners associations located on Bay Farm Island have collaborated and provided multiple requests for the removal of the Island Drive Bus Lanes from the Plan.  City Staff have heard us and redlined this part of the project from item 12.  We support their action and urge the City Council to do the same.  If the item is pulled from consent, we will need to be available to let Council know we are not in favor of the previously proposed lanes.

Linked hereto, please find the Resolution of the Community of Harbor Bay Isle Owners’ Association Requesting the Permanent Removal of the Island Drive Bus Lanes from the City of Alameda Transportation Choices Plan, and a Resolution from the Islandia Home Owners Association for the same.  Casistas Home Owners Association conducted a vote with 42 of the 43 forms received against the bus lanes, and it is our understanding the Garden Isle Home Owners Association also submitted documentation to the City of Alameda that they too are against the previously proposed bus lanes on Island Drive.

The Community of Harbor Bay Isle Owners’ Association supports the City staff’s removal of the offending bus lanes from the Transportation Choices Plan and wants to reiterate our stance in conjunction with the other associations on Bay Farm.

The various Boards on Bay Farm Island feel strongly that this project would lower property values within the Community, without providing the projected benefit.

We continue to urge City Council to remove the Island Drive Bus Lanes from the Transportation Choices Plan.  If you have any questions please contact Dawn Jaeger, Community of Harbor Bay Isle Owners’ Association at 510.865.3363 x340.


City Council Staff Report on Final Draft Plan

Transportation Choices Plan Project Webpage

CHBIOA Resolution

Islandia Resolution