2020 Lagoon Projects

  • Lagoon Lowering
  • Dock Installations
  • Bike Path Repairs and Seal Coat
  • Sidewalk Repairs
  • Lagoon Maintenance Pads Serviced
  • Re-circulation Pump Replaced
  • Aeration Units Replaced
  • Bridge Lighting Upgrades

Aeration Upgrades

The Community maintenance department will replace the five aeration units located on the main lagoon system. The aerators assist in adding oxygen to the water column to overcome oxygen deficiency problems. This project is scheduled for Spring 2020.

Dock Repairs

The Community Maintenance Department has completed inspections on all common area docks and replacements are scheduled for early summer 2020.

Storm Drain Maintenance

The Community Maintenance Department will be coordinating with the City of Alameda Department of Public Works on storm drain maintenance this fall. The Community Maintenance Department will be conducting remedial clean up along the perimeter of the outfalls located in the lagoon system while the department of Public Works will clear debris from the public right of way side of the storm drain systems, this project is one of many joint effort duties to come in the future of water quality and best management practices.