Community Negotiates Identity Theft and Privacy Protection Discounts for CHBIOA Members (August 8, 2022)

Following the Community’s data breach, several individuals have requested identification protection benefits. As an organization, we are only covering those whose identity information was accessed (just over 100 people). For others whose personal identifiers were not accessed but still have concerns, we have negotiated a way for you to purchase your own protection at our discounted group rate (individual and family plans are available).

We are very pleased to announce that IDShield, a very powerful identity theft and privacy protection service, is now being made available to all Community of Harbor Bay Isle property owners at the Community’s discounted group rate. The special rate is available to CHBIOA property owners only. To learn more and take advantage of this discounted protection, contact our IDShield Benefits Specialist, Steve Remmel. Please call or text Steve at 408-509-5315 or email him at


ALERT (Updated July 20, 2022, 2:41 PM)

Previously we sent out notifications of a data breach using malware. It is unfortunate that this happened and after finally getting information back from cyber security, we are now aware of the files accessed.

We are happy to report that no property files were accessed. The autopayment files, unfortunately, were accessed. That included a name, bank account number, and routing number. No personal identifiers of homeowners were accessed unless the homeowner is a current or past employee. The ID Theft Protection Monitoring is for those that qualify based on access to personal identifiers.

Again, in the case of those that had automatic payments, the only information that was accessed was the name, bank account number, and a routing number. There was no pin and no password.  This access obligates the Community to provide written notification, which has been mailed.  It is recommended that homeowners contact their bank and get the bank’s recommendation, which may include the closing of the bank account. Homeowners wishing to cancel or change their automatic payments to a new bank account number can call (510) 995-1364 and provide updated information or request cancellation.

The Community is confident that the new computer security software and monitoring by cyber security will protect all digital information within our systems. Staff is undergoing cybersecurity training and we now require multiple login authorizations, as per the recommendation of the cyber security company.

CHBIOA staff commiserates with you for the inconvenience this has caused you. We are in it together and, hope to move forward following this malicious attack.