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Your Association Managers

Association Association Manager
Bay Colony Antonette Bolds, ext. 354
Bay Isle Pointe Suzanne Ashby, ext. 356
Bayview Harbor Suzanne Ashby, ext. 356
Baywood Village Kathleen Harrigan, ext. 363
Brittany Bay Antonette Bolds, ext. 354
Brittany Harbor Elyce Philcox, ext. 355
Cantamar Elyce Philcox, ext. 355
Centre Court Antonette Bolds, ext. 354
Clipper Cove Stacy Blom, ext. 352
Columbia Stacy Blom, ext. 352
Costa Brava Suzanne Ashby, ext. 356
Freeport Kathleen Harrigan, ext. 363
Harbor Pointe Stacy Blom, ext. 352
Headlands Kathleen Harrigan, ext. 363
Lantern Bay Elyce Philcox, ext. 355
Pelican Bay Stacy Blom, ext. 352
Promontory Kathleen Harrigan, ext. 363
Sandpiper Cove Elyce Philcox, ext. 355
Seastrand Antonette Bolds, ext. 354
Woodbridge Suzanne Ashby, ext. 356
Executive Director: Dawn Jaeger, ext. 340
Architectural Standards Manager: Anisa Dominguez, ext. 348
Director of Maintenance: Joe Landaeta, ext. 350
Security Commander: Art Hammond, ext. 357
Security Commander: Javier Silva, ext. 367
Office Manager: Jacqui Vasquez, ext. 346
Administrative Assistant: Samantha Ferris, ext. 358
Receptionist/Community Center Rentals: Mandy Ho, ext. 347