Projects Not Requiring Approval

Projects that do not require Architectural Applications or prior approval from the Community Architectural Committee:

  • Planting or removal of annual plants.
  • Professional tree pruning.
  • Professional root pruning.
  • Repairs to fences, siding, decks, docks, patios when 10% or less of replacement materials are being used.  For example, if you are replacing a few boards on your deck, and those boards make up 10% or less of the entire deck, then an application is not required. 
  • Satellite Dishes or Cable TV installations (Completion of the Community’sAntennae/ Cable TV/ Satellite Dish Form is required prior to installation, available at the Community Offices.
  • Using clear sealant on fences, wood shingles, decks, docks, and patios.

For additional information, please refer to the Architectural Rules section.