Final Inspections

A Final Inspection occurs when an Architectural Application reaches the one year deadline for completing the work as approved by the CAC.

  • The Final Inspection is initiated by either request from the homeowner or by the Community Offices when an application has expired.
  • A courtesy letter is sent for all open applications at the nine month mark, as a reminder to call for a final inspection.
  • The Architectural Services Department sends the application packet bi-weekly to the volunteer PAC Inspector to verify work has been completed as originally approved by the CAC. Information is returned to the Community Offices and a Final Inspection Status Letter is then sent to the homeowner.
  • Occasionally an application does not pass the first inspection, for reasons such as not all the work was completed as stated, or was done incorrectly. The status letter will indicate what adjustments or corrections are required; a second Final Inspection will be initiated by request from the homeowner or by the Community Offices within 30 days.
  • Final inspections cannot be appealed. Work must be completed as stated in the application approved letter sent by the CAC.
  • If the second Final Inspection is not approved, it will be relegated to the Project Association Board of Directors for their review and decision.
  • When all the work has been approved at a Final Inspection, the file is marked approved and closed.

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