Fast Track Applications

In the event of an emergency situation, a property owner may request that their Architectural Application be expedited or Fast Tracked. To be considered, applicants should write “Fast Track” prominently on the top of their application at the time of submission. The application should include all necessary backup, and will be limited to the following situations, as designated by the individual Project Associations:

  • Urgent tree removal; (Arborist report may be required)
  • Urgent roof replacement;
  • Urgent garage door replacement;
  • Urgent fence replacement;
  • Urgent dock pier replacement;
  • Utility installation; or,
  • Mailbox or mailbox post replacement.

Urgent status will be determined for the CAC by the Architectural Standards Manager, Anisa Dominguez (email: ADominguez@Harborbay.Org, and may include: damage due to recent storms, a leaking roof, inoperable garage doors, tree failure, or other situations that may affect the safety of the residents or security of the property. Proof of the offending incident may be required.

Any Fast Track replacement must use pre-approved materials and/or like-for-like design. Applications will be evaluated within three working days to determine Fast Track eligibility and, if eligible, will be approved as quickly as time permits by the Architectural Standards Manager. Following Fast Track approval, an application will still be required to go through the regular CAC review/approval process.